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'cause I need more journals

If you spell Patrick Stump in Scrabble, you win.
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My main journal is honeybearbee. I created this journal (because I need more /sarcasm) so I could put all the 100, and other, tables somewhere and not clutter up my main journal.

Mood Theme by: Japan frostianmoods
Header by: searchedmyworld

drabble123 John/Rodney 20/20
drabble123 Pete/Patrick 20/20
100_women 100 women 8/100
100_colours Highlander-Methos 4/100
100moods NCIS-Tony 3/100
au100 NCIS 3/100
bandom_100 Fall Out Boy 8/100
3_way NCIS- Gibbs/Ducky/Tony 0/50
30_forbidden Harry Potter-Severus Snape/OC 1/30
78_tarot SG-1 OCs 3/78
100_situations SGA OCs 1/100
100_tales Fandoms 0/100
100tri_drabbles SGA: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay 0/100
6_by_6_by_6 HP: Harry/Snape 1/6
writing_rainbow Fall Out Boy: Pete/Patrick 11/50
varietypack100 Various Fandoms and Pairings 4/100
12_stories Merlin/Arthur 1 0/12
12_stories Merlin/Arthur 2 1/12
12_stories Morgana/Gwen 0/12
17 Challenges Two Completed 59/1154
*Awaiting approval